ChrisHere is an old photo of all the old BP people coming to Seidr's in-game wedding
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Avenger of the Pass tagNow here's a name I haven't seen in a VERY long time!
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Warmaster Gibbon tag  A true hero and wizard of the pass
Avenger of the Pass tagIt used to be fun, because we were all united in purpose even though we were losing, absorbed in trying to do something about it no matter how hard it became. Borlis Pass lived way past its expected expiration date and survived two implosions since the fateful days when Gen. Wolfstride returned and I first took up the tag.

We stopped getting anywhere the moment the whole people was no longer determined to fight the situation as a unit no matter what happened. After linking, BP would make push after push after push to get somewhere in the world, but only when it was succeeding and not when it reversed. One of those liberation campaigns nearly succeeded, when we were momentarily carrying CD. Then it suddenly fell like a domino effect because people were no longer mentally prepared for long, drawn-out campaigns the way we used to be.

Keep this in mind when world restructuring hits and we come out of hibernation. It takes real determined focus and big audacious dreams to build and run a guild -- or an alliance, and we need to be determined to make a mark on WvW's future whether we have 3 people or 300.
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Root of the Night tag  some of us are still alive mr avenger, be it a group of five even down to one we still here, you can still count on us buddy
Avenger of the Pass tag  YES INDEED, my glorious compatriot!! That you stand proud fills me with hope! This is the spirit that wins wars! The world has long depended on you, peasants take hope at the approach of the Borlis army, the most devastatingly effective guerrilla army ever forged, the greatest terror of legendary defenders since time immemorial!

Let the giantest outnumbering zergs go down before us hearing "FOR THE PASS" as the thing they fear most!
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