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[TPGs] Tim tagFollow our Borlis Pass heroes as they try to save Tyria from the rogue Charr!
What was that noise?
Back in the former Deldrimor north. The frozen bodies rising up around the dagger, now glowing fiercely, tore desperately into the horde as, behind them, the necromancer was scream...
ChrisHere is an old photo of all the old BP people coming to Seidr's in-game wedding
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Avenger of the Pass tag  Glad you're still checking in, Warmaster. Looking at this picture, it reminds me of a time when we were strong, when we were proud, when we were united.
Aizza tag  The good old days of BP
[Jynx] Warcaller Eilog tag  Gods, look at some of the names there. This feels like a lifetime ago.
Avenger of the Pass tagNow here's a name I haven't seen in a VERY long time!
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Warmaster Gibbon tag  A true hero and wizard of the pass
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The link called: What was that noise.. right under the Today's Issue! ... here's the link as well: [link]
where's the story I can't find it
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