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Guild Wars 2 - PC - Borlis Pass (US)

Borlis Pass (US) - WvWvW

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Engineer
class Ranger
class Guardian
class Elementalist
class Thief
class Necromancer
class Mesmer
class Warrior
class Revenant
Recruitment information
In the age when so many forums have gone dead, when pride in a cause is lamented the world over as a thing of the past, there stands Borlis. Fighting for the ideals of independence and freedom, in the Dark Age, unlike servers that have sunk into apathy, we have not forgotten who we are and why we're here: to liberate Tyria. Our soldiers in the field have rallied once more under the banner of Borlis Pass, and it is now time our forum do the same.

We stand for something greater than ourselves: for the Golden Age of proud armies determined to win again!
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You can sign now to greet or observe, but meet up with any BP commander in BL to gain deep-level access. We have to be watchful for enemy spies.