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TimSo it isn't bad enough the Mag is loaded with dickheads and trolls. Nope, they had to get someone to log into SoS... plant siege all over the EWP in hills... then callout to the zerg when I went to pull it. They actually ran out of the lords room as I got to the EWP to bomb it. They were nowhere in sight when I first got there. 4 rams all around the wp so it wasn't easy to get to but sadly I pulled it and they mobbed who came in.

They really should rename Maguuma to CancerTrollz...
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Shamira tagWhat I looked like in the Demo! Look at that sky! It is amazing! What a fun game!
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Tim   This is the beta of the xpac coming in September... was running all last weekend.
Martin Firestorm tag  opinions? think it'll bring folks back?
Tim   Well, much like the HoT "beta" when we had it you get to see a small part of a zone. So we got to...
Tigercommander cosplay in the demo
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Shamira tag  Hey what is this! That's me!
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TimThis is a direct quote of McKenna Bedrow (Anet) regarding gliding in WvW coming next Tuesday:...
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Halvard Wolfe   Stealing this for Facebook page and this will be odd. I wonder if there will be gliding skills like...
Avenger Of The Pass tag  !#%^$!#%^$#!%^#$!@!#@^%$@#, $#%!@^ #!$%^@#$^#%!@ !#$^@#$%^ !#$%^!@#$^%!@# !#%$%^@!#!!! #$@!!!!!!!!...
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Seidr Myrkvidr tagAlright folks, It's time for signing up!
Borlis Pass Secret Santas IX - Never too late for Christmas
Forums " General Discussion " Borlis Pass Secret Santas IX - Never too late for Christmas
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