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[Howl] Tim tag  created a new thread Server linking / population in the WvW Discussion forum
TigerI need some help finding beautiful location on taking a girl on a in game date
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[Howl] Tim tag  Depends on your idea of beautiful I guess. Most areas have some great spots, but NONE are private....
Warmaster Gibbon tag  Jynx guild hall, get yo girl a date she won't ever forget.
Martin Firestorm tag  can attest that dates in Jynx gh are not forgettable
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LoonyOnly 10 points from second - Lets get those red bags people!!
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[Howl] Tim tag  created a new thread T3 important enough to defend over paper keeps? in the WvW Discussion forum
Warmaster Gibbon tagHey, welcome to [link]! Looking to stay in touch with your favorite Borlis Pass players? Join...
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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[Howl] Tim tag  The link above just loads this main page. Was it supposed to open the forum for the new Discord?...
Warmaster Gibbon tag  Something like that, yeah.
Ringon Starwarden tag  sigh
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X T U D I O   created a new thread Borlis Pass Server Meeting #1 (Reboot) Minutes in the Borlis Pass Meeting Space forum
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