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Meeting notes go here
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By Tim Jan 22, 17
Borlis Pass WvW Rampaging Fun
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By Tim Feb 8, 17
Anything related to Borlis Pass
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By Halvard Wolfe Sat at 06:27 am
Remember! Loose lips sinks ships...
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By Avenger Of The Pass tag Wed at 05:37 pm
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All announcements for will be posted here. Read the stickies before posting.
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By Avenger Of The Pass tag Mar 27, 17
Introduce yourself here!
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By Avenger Of The Pass tag Mar 27, 17
Please... help me! Make this site better for you and me.
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By Geminite tag Feb 24, 17
Anything goes... but keep it clean
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By Halvard Wolfe Fri at 07:11 am
Tell creative stories... Engage in Role Playing... Have fun :)
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By Avenger Of The Pass tag Feb 3, 17
In this Room of Random Rambling, nothing you write goes toward your official post count. This is a board meant for casual discussion or for broaching controversy. Trusted users can moderate and lock their own threads.
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By Tim Jul 5, 17
Archives - Older than 1 year mostly...
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This Forum will contain items that are deemed 'old' or 'not current' .. non will be deleted...
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