Reminder of event [CD] WvW Raiding (OCX/SEA) on 2017-12-16
Guild event. To get your own guild schedule listed, post your times in the thread.
12th Star Guards Squads A-Z   added 360 Advanced days to Borlis Pass
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Avenger Of The Pass tag  That means we really got to push and advertise usage. It is no different than tagging in BL: speak, and people will come.
Avenger Of The Pass tag  published BP Forum: Cross-Timezone Scheduling on News
Avenger Of The Pass tagComrades!

The call for TOTAL WAR MOBILIZATION has been issued. If there is one day out of a week that you choose to go to battle battling the oppressors of the innocent, let us all coordinate our time that the resistance armies of Borlis may be strong!

The call goes forth! Raise the standards of world revolution! The slaves of the earth, led by the peoples of Borlis Pass, shall tear down the wicked regimes that rule the world and wage our battles UNITED to level the national populations of the evil slavemasters to equality!
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