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Seidr Myrkvidr tagBorlis Pass Secret Santas IX
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Tim   Have to shoutout to ppl in game and tell them to come in here.
Valindor tagAny thoughts on a SW chest train i have over 300 shovels!!! :p
Avenger Of The Pass tag  I can't see what it is, but if it's honestly as bad as a certain update I remember, enemies will...
Valindor tag  yeah i will deffinetly have the Borlis Pass Regulators for some SW shovel trains and other World events.
Tim   They changed the timers on the participation for pips. At first glance it was a very bad change but...
Valindor tagValindor is BACK!!!! I am on WvW and am starting a new guild for WvW because SoS needs some BP...
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Tim   Borlis Pass Regulators... name of your guild right? If that's right then I *facepalm* -- in...
Valindor tag  Yup its the name of the newly created guild im gunna work on ment for WvW. and later with days and...
Avenger Of The Pass tag  I tried whispering to "Sir Valindor" just to see if you were by chance on in oceanic, but it said...
ZethGlad to be linked with you all this round! Borlis Pass will *always* be home... and I've missed...
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Avenger Of The Pass tag  YES!!! Home missed you too, Hultah. Don't think we in the same time zone right now, but...

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Will of BP Council
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when we win our independent I run butt naked through the boarderland
#1 rule of war - don't go afk after killing a sentry. You wake up dead :)
WHAT? Pushed off shoutbox? What's up with that! Secret Santa Seidr says! Yay... I STILL OWN SHOUTBOX!
y isnt mom trusted, pls trust mom she is nice and gay and green captured golanta
You know where it is lonely??? At the top - just sayin
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