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Avenger Of The Pass tagThere hasn't been any new threads in a long time. Should we just start posting new topics willy-nilly in an effort to revive forum activity, or leave the forum as is for archiving? Please discuss below.
Flukks [HK] tagSo... I believe Ringon is trying to organize a BP server run in WvW for this Saturday. Who's coming? FYI, I've been tagging up in desert BL the last two nights. Prob going to be on between 7-10 pm EST most nights. Pop in, if you can. It's Desert BL, which everyone hates, so the Q is usually the shortest of all the maps. ;)
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Tim   A few seconds ago I saw a time and place... I will try to make it but without knowing when and where, well, pretty sure I'll miss it unless I'm lucky.
Avenger Of The Pass tag  I'll try to make it. Don't count on it, though, because up here my internet averages 20 KB/s.
Tim   Almost nobody comes here anymore it seems... and with not time and starting location it's difficult...

In the meantime... we had an awesome MoB havoc run tonight. Go BP! :)
TimFinally! A reason to go into WvW other than just "for fun".. :p

and before all the folks start complaining.. it's SOMETHING! and it's not BAD! :)
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AsphyxíáHello old server friends, hope everyone is well.
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Martin Firestorm tag  hey dude!
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