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Shamira tagWhat I looked like in the Demo! Look at that sky! It is amazing! What a fun game!
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Martin Firestorm tag  what is this a demo of?
Tim   This is the beta of the xpac coming in September... was running all last weekend.
Martin Firestorm tag  opinions? think it'll bring folks back?
Tigercommander cosplay in the demo
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Shamira tag  Hey what is this! That's me!
TimThis is a direct quote of McKenna Bedrow (Anet) regarding gliding in WvW coming next Tuesday:

Hello, Mist Warriors!
I am excited to reveal that on August 8th we will be adding Gliding to WvW. The team has been working hard on a way to make gliding in WvW feel fun and fair, and by using our brand new territory system, we believe we finally have come up with a way to accomplish both goals.
Each objective in WvW now has a territory associated with it, and the ownership of each objective is displayed by map outlines in the color of the owning team. In addition to the map displaying the territory, the WvW score UI now displays the objective of your current territory next to the War Score your team is earning that tick. The objective icon functions the same way it does on the map and clicking it will open the Objective Upgrades panel.
Gliding in WvW does not require unlocking gliding through PvE masteries. Instead, you can acquire Gliding by using ability points in the new Heart of Thorns War Gliding Mastery. The War Gliding Mastery is available to those who own Heart of Thorns and allows gliding in territories that your team owns in the Mist War maps: Eternal Battlegrounds, Alpine, and Desert Borderlands. If you enter a territory that you do not own while gliding, you will be kicked from your glider.
We’ve made several map adjustments to the Eternal Battlegrounds, Desert, and Alpine Borderlands maps to better accommodate gliding. Besides map adjustments, we have also replaced Ballista’s fourth skill with an anti-air bolt skill that shoots people out of the air and immobilizes them for a short duration.
It is important to keep in mind that this is a test for gliding in WvW. If we discover with this test that gliding is not appropriate for WvW, we will disable it.
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Halvard Wolfe   Stealing this for Facebook page and this will be odd. I wonder if there will be gliding skills like in the Shatterer battle ie.. drop bombs and health packs
Avenger Of The Pass tag  !#%^$!#%^$#!%^#$!@!#@^%$@#, $#%!@^ #!$%^@#$^#%!@ !#$^@#$%^ !#$%^!@#$^%!@# !#%$%^@!#!!! #$@!!!!!!!! GLIDING in WvW, and I'm about to MISS IT??@#$%@#$!!!? Sadly, my summer route, land of darkness and despair and no Internet for months, is about to begin at this most inopportune time.
Seidr Myrkvidr tagAlright folks, It's time for signing up!
Borlis Pass Secret Santas IX - Never too late for Christmas
Forums " General Discussion " Borlis Pass Secret Santas IX - Never too late for Christmas
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Will of BP Council
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Hope Ani-Santa brought all you good little Warriors what ya wanted. I used mine to put others to death in WvW over the weekend :)
There's a name I haven't seen in a long time.
Hi, Avenger Of The Pass
Raced raptors in the demo woot woot
Agreed... I'll set up a ad for ingame :) that I can past into chat from time to time
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