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TigerI need some help finding beautiful location on taking a girl on a in game date
[Howl] Tim tag  Depends on your idea of beautiful I guess. Most areas have some great spots, but NONE are private. If you want any sort of privacy then a couple of the home instances (The Grove is the best) are kind of cool. If you just want some great views then find some spots way up high. The Air Ship is great because you can glide down from it to some high spots and get some good views... things like that.

For all I know you could be messing with our minds and seeing what you can pull in from us.. in which case then I hear a super great spot is just below almost every enemy spawn point in any borderland. Citadel especially in Alpine BL's. Lots of pretty snow... a few enemy here and there to greet you warmly with hugs and kisses even.
Warmaster Gibbon tag  Jynx guild hall, get yo girl a date she won't ever forget.
Martin Firestorm tag  can attest that dates in Jynx gh are not forgettable
LoonyOnly 10 points from second - Lets get those red bags people!!
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Warmaster Gibbon tagHey, welcome to [link]! Looking to stay in touch with your favorite Borlis Pass players? Join our community discord. Still shiny and new, we are hoping this helps push communication and teamwork across the server. Stay tuned!
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more. Get your free server now!
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[Howl] Tim tag  The link above just loads this main page. Was it supposed to open the forum for the new Discord?

This one? [link]
Warmaster Gibbon tag  Something like that, yeah.
Ringon Starwarden tag  sigh
[Howl] Tim tag  published Welcome to the Borlis Pass Community Site on News
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Wasn't on much over the weekend but they seem to be ganging up on us :)
Come on folks! Get people in here! Do the Poll! Make some noiseeeeee
[link] that is the Discord link
and by [link] i mean borlists dot com
[link] still exists for TS, but since the alliances i think people usually join whatever external TS the current commander is on
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