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Avenger Of The Pass tag  published BP Forum: Cross-Timezone Scheduling on News
Avenger Of The Pass tagComrades!

The call for TOTAL WAR MOBILIZATION has been issued. If there is one day out of a week...
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Ranger MichLove you BP, miss you
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Martin Firestorm tag  Mich lives!
Avenger Of The Pass tag  I miss seeing you in WvW, you old Borlis Noob!
Warmaster Gibbon tagI made an edit to one of Leoric's old WvW videos, I miss Baleth. Hi borlis pass!
GW2 Short - HK in a nutshell // GIBBON EDIT
NOT MY VIDEO, I STOLE THIS (edited video of JayXombie // Leo...
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Shamira tag  Hi Gibbs
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We have found the Red Army's weak point, and it is in EU time. I shall focus this time and may our NA crew finish the blow!
Isn't it strange? Anvil Rock's totally disappeared from the web, and they're one of the slave servers I want to get targeting TC for implosion...
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It's under construction at the moment. Nothing inside yet. Shouldn't remain closed for long. I plan...
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