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World Linking is coming to an end.
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Flukks [HK] tagIn light of the recent Anet announcement, I would like to propose a BP server meeting at reset on...
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Caramelle Sundae   Im with it
Flukks [HK] tag  It's definitely too early for any decisions to be made. The only objectives for Monday's meeting are as follows:
1) for the BP community to reconnect,
2) to get a sense as to which guilds might be interested in forming an Alliance, and
3) to accumulate and consolidate a list of questions and concerns.

As to the second item, every guild will need to (and has the right to) make this decision on their own. And every guild's decision MUST be respected. For some, this will be a time to strengthen old bonds. For others, it will be the time to part ways. There are no wrong decisions. Each guild will need to make their decision based on what is the best option for THEM. Let us all be mindful and respectful of that.

Regarding the third item, I'm planning to consolidate a list to post to the official forums on behalf of this community. The hope is that such a post will get Anet's attention and/or carry more weight, as it's coming from a large group of players.
[Howl] Tim tag  For what it’s worth my only input to the new changes is that I am totally in favour of them. Will...
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(salutes) A full record will probably help move our plans forward, I am thinking. Part of the chat log is available for reading now, though work remains to be done! I posted these along with some defining screens of the assembly showing us strong.
Hey, sorry I haven’t had a chance to post any minutes. Been struggling with migraines all week. TY...
I should have the full text of the chat logs for anyone who missed council, and the screenshots, up by tomorrow... by Almighty Borlis, this is a lot of text to sort through!
Sorry I missed the meeting, had some RL stuff to take care of.
It's all good. People will do what they do.. no stress here... I've gone over all of this many times in my head and reading and know which way I'm gonna glide :)
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